artists & patrons

It is the passion & bravery of the artist that allows us our vices. Without the network of healers, farmers, dancers, painters, singers, cooks, storytellers, builders, tavern owners, poets, hobos, gamblers, yogis, seekers, & bee-keepers the sufferings of life would be intolerable. Vice Archers goal is to help artist make a living. By forging a bridge between patrons & artists, sustainability is possible. 


bread & wine

We eat to live, & drink for joy! Our biggest vice is in the luxury of everyday living, in each glass, & in every meal.  Vice Archer maintains in-house chefs,  accredited sommeliers, restaurant auditors & planners. We also pride ourselves on a growing web of contacts, consultants, farms, & friends. From private events to festivals, restaurants to the wilderness, let us fill your cup.  


events & tours

Vice Archer can plan & staff events around the world. Be it a retreat, fundraiser, trek, music tour, or quest we can help. From concept to booking, take-off through a safe return. Our comprehensive tour management, staffing, & security is crafted to fit each clients needs. Our global network of guides can show you the way, & take you there in style. Let us be your concierge to the world.